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Just Kawaii Store started as a way of realizing our passion for everything concerning the kawaii subculture in one way or another. My business partner and I have been interested in this topic for quite some time. Both of us have shared appreciation for anime and manga for many years. Likewise, we have both studied Japanese culture at our university and this is probably when our fascination with this subject began to develop. As we started to look into the matter some time ago, we noticed that there weren’t too many online stores that would aim their products at customers particularly interested in kawaii merchandise. Therefore, starting a website like that seemed like an obvious thing to do: we merely wanted to provide our potential customers with best products that could also make their everyday life more colorful and cheerful. Cuteness allows us to perceive the world around us in a different, more fun way. Cute-looking objects cheer us up in our daily struggles and embolden us to face new obstacles. This site is as much a tribute to kawaii aesthetics as it is a website offering quality inventory. We think that bringing this kind of service enriches the world with beauty and benevolence as well as constitutes a way of showing our appreciation for the kawaii subculture.

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